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The Great Medish Race

Medish Distribution

Medish Aesthetics
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. . . the intermediate type, you say, strikes the harmonious mean . . . ?

  — PLATO, The Republic


These timeless words reveal the deep understanding the ancients had about balance with regard to race. They saw clearly that extremes are undesirable, recognizing pale northern barbarians as rugged but slow-witted, and dark southern barbarians as intelligent but weak. Only the people of intermediate type displayed the perfect balance of strength and smarts. By Plato's time, such people were flanked by inferiors on all sides. But once upon a time the greater part of the Caucasian world of Europe, North Africa and West Asia was populated by these brachy- to dolichocephalic people of intermediate pigmentation, and the spark of civilization was ignited in the region, where a series of pre-historic cultures and glorious empires flourished: Cro-Magnon, Megalithic, Celtic, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Indus Valley, Egyptian, Nubian, Ethiopian, Persian, Anatolian and Phoenician, just to name a few. Alas, since then the inferior races, drawn to these vibrant centers of activity like moths to a flame, have displaced or absorbed much of this great and noble race, reducing what's left of it to the middle regions of the Caucasian world, whence it gets its name: The Medish Race [1].

Dark Southern people, enfeebled by the oppressive desert sun, flooded into North Africa and West Asia, while blond Northern people, their mental faculties immobilized by the arctic cold, poured into Europe (naturally, the temperate climate of the Medish people was, like their appearance, the perfect balance of two extremes). The descendants of these Northern and Southern barbarians are known today as the Nordish race and the Sudish race, respectively. Each group is composed of remnants of the Ancient Medish Race combined with Baltic and Mongoloid elements in the North, and Semitic and Negroid elements in the South. We find evidence for this in modern anthropology and genetics.

Medish peoples are descended primarily from Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic agriculturalists, and generally lack the ancestry from Arabian Semites, Saharan Hamites, Asian Indo-Europeans and Siberian Finno-Ugrians which characterizes Sudish and Nordish peoples, respectively. They also lack the cold and sun adaptations that produce extremes in skin and hair pigmentation. Certain "scientists" envious of Medish superiority will tell you that Central Europe was once inhabited by Nordics, but this is a lie. These so-called Nordics were in fact predominantly brunet -- and medium-skinned, brunet dolichocephals = Medish peoples. They belonged to an old Paleo-Centrid stratum of intermediate evolutionary development, which also includes other periphery types in the area as well as in Asia Minor (the only Medish land bordering Sudish territory). It wasn't until the absorption of blond East Baltic elements in Northern Europe that these unfortunate supermen became Nordic and disappeared forever into the Nordish race.

But the identity theft doesn't end there. In both the Nordish and Sudish worlds, entire movements have arisen independently among covetous, insecure races with no identities of their own who shamelessly steal Medish culture and attribute it to themselves. The Nordish movement is known as Nordicism, and the Sudish one as Afrocentrism. Much pseudo-scholarship scribbled in the name of these doctrines can be found in the dark recesses of the web. But do not be fooled by any of this propaganda. Only here, in the sections that follow, will you discover the truth about the races of Mankind and the physical and cultural superiority of Medish people.

Inferior Races


Subdivided into Nordids, Borrebids, Baltids and Uralids. Characterized by ashen skin and freckling; yellow, orange or white hair; pale blue eyes; and significant assimilation of mongolid elements. Representative types:

American Hillbilly
Olesya Bondarenko
Fig. 1: Norwegian;  Fig. 2: Scottish;  Fig. 3: American HillbillyFig. 4: Icelandic;  Fig. 5: Russian;  Fig. 6: Bashkir


Subdivided into Semitids, Hamitids, Armenids and Indids. Characterized by sunburnt skin; black, often frizzy, hair; black eyes; and significant assimilation of negrid elements. Representative types:

Osama Bin Laden
Mohammad Asim
Fig. 1: Saudi Arabian;  Fig. 2: Egyptian;  Fig. 3: Moroccan;  Fig. 4: Armenian;  Fig. 5: Pakistani;  Fig. 6: Sudanese

The Great Medish Race

Subdivided into Mediterranids, Alpinids, Dinarids and Paleo-Centrids. Characterized by evenly tanned skin; brown hair of varying shades; brown or brown-mixed eyes; and fully Caucasoid cranial and facial morphology. Representative types:

Monica Bellucci
Antonio Banderas
Evelina Papantoniou
Goran Visnjic
Alain Delon
Andrea Wieser
Fig. 1: Italian;  Fig. 2: Spanish;  Fig. 3: Greek;  Fig. 4: Croatian;  Fig. 5: French;  Fig. 6: Austrian

While Medish people are concentrated in Central/Southern Europe, remnants of ancient Medish populations can be found in pockets and as individuals throughout the Nordish and Sudish worlds (see next section on Medish Distribution). Here are some examples of pure Medish types native to non-Medish areas:

Colin Farrell
Catherine Zeta Jones
Djamel Baba Hamed
Sivan Klein
Hrithik Roshan
Fig. 1: Irish;  Fig. 2: Welsh;  Fig. 3: Polish;  Fig. 4: AlgerianFig. 5: Israeli;  Fig. 6: East Indian

Medish Distribution

[Estimates do not include Gypsies, recent immigrants or other ethnic minorities.]

Core Medish

Italy: 40% Mediterranid; 35% Alpinid; 22% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Greece: 45% Mediterranid; 32% Alpinid; 20% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Spain: 70% Mediterranid; 15% Alpinid; 12% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Portugal: 80% Mediterranid; 10% Alpinid; 7% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Basque: 85% Mediterranid; 6% Alpinid; 6% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Albania: 60% Dinarid; 30% Mediterranid; 7% Alpinid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Bulgaria: 60% Mediterranid; 25% Alpinid; 12% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (97% Central, 3% Periphery)
Romania: 45% Dinarid; 40% Mediterranid; 10% Alpinid; 5% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (95% Central, 5% Periphery)
Yugoslavia: 50% Dinarid; 25% Mediterranid; 15% Alpinid; 10% Paleo-Centrid = 100% Medish (90% Central, 10% Periphery)
Switzerland: 50% Alpinid; 20% Dinarid; 20% Paleo-Centrid; 10% Mediterranid = 100% Medish (80% Central, 20% Periphery)
Austria: 50% Alpinid; 25% Paleo-Centrid; 20% Dinarid; 5% Mediterranid = 100% Medish (75% Central, 25% Periphery)

Majority Medish (55-95%):

France: 45% Alpinid; 20% Dinarid; 20% Mediterranid; 10% Paleo-Centrid; 5% Nordid  = 95% Medish (85% Central, 10% Periphery)
Hungary: 50% Alpinid; 20% Dinarid; 10% Mediterranid; 10% Paleo-Centrid; 10% Uralid = 90% Medish (80% Central, 10% Periphery)
Uruguay: 65% Mediterranid; 12% Mixed Race; 11% Alpinid; 9% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 88% Medish (85% Central, 3% Periphery)
Argentina: 64% Mediterranid; 15% Mixed Race; 10% Alpinid; 8% Dinarid; 3% Paleo-Centrid = 85% Medish (82% Central, 3% Periphery)
Czech/Slovak: 35% Alpinid; 25% Paleo-Centrid; 15% Dinarid; 15% Baltid; 5% Nordid; 5% Uralid = 75% Medish (50% Central, 25% Periphery)
Germany: 30% Borrebid; 25% Alpinid; 15% Dinarid; 15% Paleo-Centrid; 10% Nordid; 5% Baltid = 55% Medish (40% Central, 15% Periphery)

Minority Medish (20-35%):

65% Armenid; 15% Mediterranid; 10% Alpinid; 10% Paleo-Centrid = 35% Medish (25% Central, 10% Periphery)
Ukraine: 50% Uralid; 20% Baltid; 15% Mediterranid; 10% Dinarid; 5% Paleo-Centrid = 30% Medish (25% Central, 5% Periphery)
Russia: 40% Uralid; 40% Baltid; 10% Mediterranid; 5% Dinarid; 5% Paleo-Centrid = 20% Medish (15% Central, 5% Periphery)
British Isles: 45% Borrebid; 35% Nordid; 15% Mediterranid; 5% Paleo-Centrid = 20% Medish (15% Central, 5% Periphery)

Non-Medish (0-5%):

Rest of Eurasia: 95-100% Nordish (Nordid, Borrebid, Baltid, Uralid); 0-5% Mediterranid, Alpinid, Dinarid and Paleo-Centrid = 0-5% Medish
Rest of Afroasia: 95-100% Sudish (Semitid, Hamitid, Armenid, Indid); 0-5% Mediterranid, Alpinid, Dinarid and Paleo-Centrid = 0-5% Medish
Rest of Latin America: 95-100% Mixed Race (Mestizo, Mulatto); 0-5% Mediterranid, Alpinid, Dinarid and Paleo-Centrid = 0-5% Medish

Note that Medish people have also found their way to modern multicultural countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, primarily through immigration from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Balkans, the Ukraine and Celtic Britain. Though they're a minority element in all of these nations as a whole, they make up between 25% and 75% of the population in specific regions such as Quebec, Louisiana and  the Northeastern U.S. They're also very common in big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney etc.

Medish Aesthetics

The balance that characterizes The Medish Race's position within humanity is nowhere more evident than in the realm of racial aesthetics. The subtypes that make up the Nordish and Sudish races are basically mutations of ideal Medish types: Nordids are lanky Mediterranids suffering from albinism; Borrebids, Baltids and Uralids are, respectively, elephantized, albinized and mongolized Alpinids; Semitids, Hamitids and Indids are sunburned, negrified Mediterranids; and Armenids are hyper-brachycephalic, hook-nosed Dinarids -- all aberrant forms, with the original Medish types representing the norm.

Yet despite this tangible reality, and the many examples of attractive Medish types already seen here, a lot of people still buy into the old adage that beauty is in the eye of beholder. This is not, however, the opinion held by the scientific community, which has done extensive research on objective standards of attractiveness in humans, arriving at the inevitable conclusion. The following studies provide irrefutable evidence of Medish aesthetic superiority:

Causes and Consequences of Human Facial Attractiveness

Braun et al.

Universities of Regensburg and Rostock (Germany), 2003

By calculating prototypic very attractive vs. unattractive faces for each gender, we were able to show that these faces are remarkably different in their attributes, such as skin texture, proportions etc. Additional surveys showed that attractive female faces are narrower than unattractive ones, and that they possess a brown skin and full, well looked-after lips. The distance between the eyes is larger, eyelids are thinner, there are more, longer and darker eyelashes, darker and narrower eyebrows, higher cheekbones, and the nose is narrower than in less attractive female faces. Surprisingly, more or less the same is the case for attractive male faces: they, too, have a browner skin, a narrower face, fuller lips, thinner eyelids, more and darker eyelashes, darker eyebrows, and higher cheekbones than the less attractive ones. Attractive male faces can furthermore be characterized by a more prominent lower jaw and chin.
Prototypic Attractive Female       Prototypic Attractive Male
Prototypic attractive female and male faces: Perfect Medish phenotypes

Hair Color, Personality and the Observer

Lawson, E D

Psychological Reports. Vol. 28(1), Feb 1971, pp. 311-312

ABSTRACT: Investigated stereotypes associated with hair color. 79 male and 161 female undergraduates completed semantic differential scales on 7 categories of hair-color person. Dark men clearly preferred brunette women; blond men were equally divided in preference for blondes and brunettes; blond, brunette, and red-headed women clearly preferred dark men; and artificial blondes preferred dark and blonde men. Other comparisons were made within sex and between hair-color groups. Results indicate: (a) stereotypes based on hair color are widely held, (b) different stereotypes exist on the basis of the hair color and sex of the respondent, and (c) 4 of the 6 hair-color categories gave the highest scores to their own group.

It's no surprise that almost all women prefer Medish men (the proverbial "tall, dark and handsome" type), but note that the greater part of men -- including Nordish men -- also exhibit a preference for Medish traits in women. This flies in the face of Nordish society's delusional stereotype of the blue-eyed blonde as a physical ideal that all men lust after.

Photographic Supplement : Gallery of Medish Beauty ]

Medish Eugenics

The blessing of aesthetic superiority can also be a curse because it leads to desirability, which can lead to intermarriage. And the fact that Medish people live alongside non-Medish races in many areas doesn't help the situation. It is therefore necessary to examine the potential of Medish genes to be passed on in instances of miscegenation and used to improve the lower races. Our case study for this will be the Judd family, composed of an Anglo-Saxon (Nordish) mother and two daughters with the given last name Ciminella. Winona (left) inherited from her pallid mother (right) typically Nordish bright-red hair, a tendency toward obesity, and the inability to apply make-up with restraint. Ashley (center) was lucky in that she got her Medish Italian father's sultry dark looks, svelte figure and high classiness.

The Judd Family
JUDD FAMILY: Nordish daughter, her Medish sister, and their Nordish mother

One halfbreed sibling was blessed, the other was not. Clearly, the potential is there, but the process can't be left to chance. Forget about mapping the human genome or curing genetic diseases. Science needs to focus all of its resources on developing ways of isolating the genes that code for Medish traits, so that they can be made manifest through engineering, with undesirable Nordish and Sudish traits suppressed. This way, we'll have a world of heavenly Ashley Ciminellas, without any of the dry heave-inducing Winona Judd side effects.

Medish Jews

People have long wondered why Jews seem to be disproportionately successful for their numbers. Well, the answer is quite simple. The ancient Hebrews, a Semitic people from the Arabian peninsula, were one of the groups responsible for displacing the original Medish inhabitants of the Levant. However, the Jewish diaspora led many of them to Europe where they acquired large amounts German, Italian, French and Spanish blood before moving to Eastern Europe to become the Ashkenazim. This has resulted in many intellectual, money savvy Jews of superior Medish type, and since most of them now reside as minorities in non-Medish lands, it makes perfect sense that they would dominate. On the other hand, the Jews who migrated to North Africa or remained in the Near East were not so fortunate. They got absorbed into the Sudish race, becoming the Sephardim, and have failed to accomplish anything of cultural significance.

Compare the two Medish Jews on the left to the Sudish Jew on the right:

Albert Einstein    Sigmund Freud          Sephardic Jew
Fig. 1: Albert Einstein (Germany)Fig. 2: Sigmund Freud (Austria);   Fig. 3: Unkempt Sephardic Jew (Yemen)

It's important to note that not all Ashkenazi Jews are Medish -- only the smartest, most successful, best-looking ones. A large number of Ashkenazis have retained Sudish traits or acquired Nordish ones. Those of pure Medish type are relatively rare, but a Jew of partial Medish descent who exhibits adequate Medish racial and intellectual traits would be assimilable into the race. A good example of a non-assimilable Ashkenazi Jew would be Sudish-Nordish hybrid Barbra Streisand. Her Armenid hook-nose and Nordid blond hair and blue eyes, combined with her Marxist-Feminist political views, make her totally incompatible with the physical and spiritual ideals of The Medish Race. In contrast, normal-looking, staunch individualist Ayn Rand is 100% Medish.

Medish Achievement

Almost all of the world's cultural achievements are the product of The Medish Race. And the only non-Medish people to have contributed to civilization are those who have received direct or indirect influence from Medish culture. As previously noted, all pre-historic European and ancient Mediterranean cultures (including Greece and Rome) were Medish in origin, as were Renaissance cultures in Northern Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria. Together, these formed the basis and bulk of what we know today as Western Civilization.

This great civilization is responsible for most of the world's knowledge, and has yielded an excess of geniuses. Aristotle (fig. 1, below) possessed the sharpest mind the world has ever seen, past or present, writing on a number of subjects from poetry to astronomy. He was Medish of the Mediterranid sub-variety. Leonardo DaVinci (fig. 2) was arguably the most intelligent artist, thinker and inventor in history and the very definition of a Renaissance Man. He was also Medish, and of the Dinarid sub-variety. Ludwig van Beethoven (fig. 3) is renowned as the greatest composer who ever lived, completing nine symphonies despite going deaf. Naturally, he belonged to The Medish Race as well, representing the Alpinid sub-variety.

Aristotle        Leonardo Da Vinci        Ludwig van Beethoven
MEDISH GIANTS: Fig. 1: Aristotle (Mediterranid); Fig. 2: Leonardo Da Vinci (Dinarid); Fig. 3: Ludwig van Beethoven (Alpinid)

Other geniuses of The Medish Race include thinkers and scientists like Socrates, Archimedes, Galileo, Renée Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Nicolas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Gregor Mendel, Carl Jung, Enrico Fermi and Nikola Tesla; composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gioacchino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi; great authors like Homer, Vergil, Miguel de Cervantes, Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Wolfgang von Goethe, Voltaire, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Nikos Kazantzakis; artists such as Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raffaello Sanzio, Jacopo Tintoretto, Sandro Botticelli, Jacques-Louis David, Eugene Delacroix, El Greco and Diego Velazquez; and filmmakers like Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Jean Renoir, Vittorio de Sica, Werner Herzog, Jean Cocteau, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Most famed explorers were Medish, including Ferdinand Magellan, Hernan Cortez, Francisco Pizarro, Jacques Cartier, Christopher Columbus, who discovered the New World, and Amerigo Vespucci, after whom America was named. Military prowess is also Medish territory, with such towering figures as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vlad the Impaler and Adolf Hitler [2]. Contemporary Italian and German automakers like Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Ferdinand Porsche and Gottlieb Daimler are all Medish, as are the Three Tenors and Andrea Bocelli. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, whose bold social reforms are the sole reason Turkey isn't a horrid Muslim dictatorship like the rest of the Near East, was, needless to say, also Medish. And, contrary to Nordicist belief, the ancient Teutonic nobility belonged to The Medish Race as well [3]. The list of great figures is endless, going back to the dawn of civilization and spanning every field of knowledge and achievement. There's almost no one noteworthy who doesn't belong at least partially to The Medish Race. In fact, it would be much easier to name the famous people who aren't Medish: Confucius, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dolph Lundgren. That's about it.

The map below indicates cities that were centers of artistic and humanistic achievement during the Renaissance. All of the activity is concentrated in the Medish part of Europe and a few adjacent areas (see next section for info on British achievement). The purely Nordish areas of Scandinavia and the East Baltic, and the Sudish areas of North Africa and the Ottoman Empire, are totally inactive, with the exception of one city in occupied (and Medish) Greece.

Renaissance Europe
[Click to enlarge]

Even something as seemingly trivial as the culinary arts are dominated by Medish types. Nordish people eat boiled sheep guts and deep-fried candy bars. Sudish people have some good dishes but eat them with their fingers and flies swarming around. Far Eastern people are skilled in the culinary arts, but their degenerate fetishes for shark fins and bull testicles, combined with an aversion to all things creamy, keep them out of the pantheon. Only Medish people have achieved the perfect marriage of ingredients and presentation, and their diet is considered the healthiest in the world to boot [4]. When we think of gourmet cuisine, French, Italian, Spanish and Greek immediately spring to mind. And when speaking of great chefs, the figures at the forefront are Jacques Pépin, Mario Batali, Paul Prudhomme, Jacques Torres, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck -- all pure representatives of The Medish Race.

While Medish morality strongly opposes crime, it's inevitable that even the best of societies has a criminal element. What's interesting to note is that even in this realm, Medish people excel. The most famous and successful gangsters in history are Southern Italians like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and John Gotti, and Medish Jews like Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky and Dutch Schultz. These men headed sophisticated criminal networks, controlling large territories and getting rich in the process. There were also Irishmen and Poles who tried their hand at bootlegging and racketeering, but they were mostly Nordish and therefore less successful. Indeed, Nordish crime consists primarily of holding up liquor stores and molesting young boys, while Sudish crime is mostly in the area of terrorism.

Medish Decline

Just as everything great in the world is of Medish origin, so is everything bad of Nordish and Sudish origin. Having already alluded to the ruined state of formerly Medish areas in the Caucasian world, we now turn our attention to the threats posed to the Medish core in Central/Southern Europe. It was the coming of Nordish barbarians -- Goths, Lombards, Vandals [5], Franks, Vikings, Normans, Huns and Avars -- that destroyed the great Medish civilization of Rome. They reduced it to rubble and rearranged the pieces according to their savage ways, plunging Europe into a Dark Age of feudalism and superstition. Evidence of the immorality and barbarity of these Nordish invaders can be found in the following account of Viking daily life by Ibn Fadhlan:

...the dirtiest creatures of God. They have no shame in voiding their bowels and bladder, nor do they wash themselves when polluted by emissions of semen, nor do they wash their hands after eating. They are, then, like asses who have gone astray. ... They may have intercourse with their maiden while their comrades look on. At times, a crowd of them come together to do such things [6]. ... As a matter of duty, they wash daily their faces and heads in a manner so dirty and so unclean as could possibly be imagined.

Fortunately, the Medish people absorbed only a small amount of Nordish barbarian blood and maintained a connection to their past glories through all the turmoil. Thus, they were able to regroup from their setback to produce the Renaissance in Northern Italy, which, as we've seen, would quickly spread throughout the Medish world. However, some areas have yet to fully recover from the devastating Nordish invasions, like Southern Italy for example. The article Looking to 2007: Italy Times Two (1999) by Stanton H. Burnett and Stefano Vaccara addresses this issue:

Robert Putnam sees the profound difference in civil society within Italy as stemming from the Middle Ages, especially the Norman-Swabian centralized rule in the South, as compared to the history of civic consciousness experienced by the North and Center during the era of the great bourgeois city communes.

The barbarians also reached Britain, displacing the native Medish Celts [7] and nearly drowning the island in Nordish blood. But luckily, Britain had been part of the Roman Empire -- the only Northern land to enjoy this distinction -- and that influence, along with the remaining unadulterated Medish blood, was able to sustain continued culture there [8]. Roman law and architecture, coupled with the drama, poetry, astronomy, democracy etc. of Medish Greeks, led to a flourishing of culture that carried over to America, running for a surprisingly long time on the fumes of the Medish machine, so to speak. But other Nordish areas were not so lucky and remained backward for centuries. It's well documented that Scandinavian lands were like the Third World until very recently, saved only by their discovery of Marxism:

"Fifty years ago Iceland was one of the poorest countries in Europe with a growing population in the coastal areas heavily dependent on fisheries." (Source)

"At the beginning of the 20th Century, Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe." (Source)

"Sweden stayed neutral during two World Wars. This enabled Sweden to change from one of the poorest countries in Europe into a modern welfare state." (Source)

Yet despite their advances in living standards, these nations have been consistently unable to make any significant cultural advances, their main claim to fame being ugly, minimalist furniture that perfectly embodies their cold, mongolian efficiency. But it's precisely degenerate trash like this that passes for "culture" in the modern West, its infiltration constituting a sort of new "Nordish invasion". The image on the left shows what the unmixed Nordish race thinks a chair should look like. Compare it to the grand, ornate Medish chair of days gone by that's depicted on the right:

Ikea "chair"          Napoleon's throne
Left: "chair" sold by popular furniture chain IkeaRight: legendary Emperor Napoleon's throne

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Today, Western Civilization has slipped completely out of the grip of the North's Medish minority and Greco-Roman influence, and fallen into the hands of the Nordish masses. And what they're doing to it is nothing short of disastrous. All of their actions are either specifically geared toward, or have the unintended effect of, annihilating Classical traditions. Over the past century they've given us neo-Marxism, welfare states, single-parent families, women's lib, gay civil unions and gay adoption, multi-culturalism, illegal immigration, racial quotas, degenerate modern art, global warming, junk food, reality TV, and "celebrities" like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Clearly, the West is going down the toilet, and it's the Nordish race that's doing the flushing.

The main source of Medish decline in the late Middle Ages, which has lasted up to the present, was the Sudish Muslim occupations. These affected all Medish zones -- Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Southern Italy, Greece, the Balkans, Austria and Hungary -- with Hamito-Semitid Arabs and Berbers (Moors), as well as Armenid Turks, attempting to convert Christian Europe to the filthy Sudish "religion" of Islam [9]. But gallant Medish warriors banded together and drove out the heathen barbarians. Some of the affected lands have recovered, others are still recovering, and still others -- like Albania, Bulgaria and parts of the former Yugoslavia -- have yet to completely shake off the foreign religion. However, as bad as these after effects are, the Medish core of Europe was thankfully not affected by the invasions in a racial sense, as the following autosomal DNA study indicates clearly:

Patterns of Gene Flow Inferred from Genetic Distances in the Mediterranean Region

Simoni et al.

Human Biology, 1999; 71:399-415

The most evident feature of the gene frequency patterns described in this study is the presence across the Mediterranean of a longitudinal line of sharp genetic change. This line, supported by analyses based on 2 different measures of genetic distance, runs from Gibraltar to Lebanon; it includes all 5 sharpest of the boundaries identified on the basis of Prevosti's distances (Figure 2) and 4 of the 5 sharpest boundaries identified using Nei's distances (Figure 3). seems that along the European Mediterranean coast even evident physical barriers, such as the southern Alps and the Pyrenees, did not cause genetic differentiation to a degree comparable to that observed across the sea. ...the existence of sharp genetic differences between the northern and southern coasts means that gene flow was more the exception than the rule for a substantial period of time.

Of course, modern immigration from the Muslim world to countries like France, Germany, Spain and Italy could very well break right through this genetic barrier as well as reintroduce Islam into Europe. It's the new "Sudish invasion" and it has to be stopped before it reaches uncontrollable levels.

Finally, making recovery even more difficult in the Medish areas of Eastern Europe is the long presence there of communism, which was implemented by half-Mongol Russian Vladimir Lenin and Georgian darkie Joseph Stalin. Only a defective Nordish mind working together with depraved Sudish villainy could produce such unfathomable hell on earth as witnessed during the Soviet era. Fortunately, communism has fallen and the Medish people once held down by it are slowly but surely catching up with the rest of Europe.

Medish Preservation

The only upside to this dreadful turn of events is that the Nordish race won't be around much longer to mess things up. The aforementioned rampant immigration and multi-racialism Nordish people endorse will soon result in their burial under a sea of African, Asian, East Indian, Muslim, Mexican and Puerto Rican elements [10]. When this happens, Medish people will finally be able to reclaim Western Civilization from the sewer and begin measures to repair it and carry it into the future. Already, the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th largest economies in Europe belong respectively to Germany (thanks to its Medish majority), France, Italy and Spain, according to the latest World Factbook figures. And the cultural traditions of these countries, while currently eclipsed by crass Americanism, still enjoy worldwide acclaim as paragons of refinement and sophistication. This is why it's so important to protect Medish populations from Nordish values and the Sudish infiltration these are encouraging. The Medish Race has a destiny, and that destiny must be fulfilled at any cost.

Medish People of the World Unite!

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[1]  Derived from the Latin medius -- meaning "middle" -- this designation signifies not only the geographically central position of this group, but also its racial and cultural status: intermediate in pigmentation, and at the heart of the civilized world since antiquity.

[2]  Note that Hitler and other Nazis, although military geniuses, were mentally disturbed individuals corrupted by envy and hysteria originating in the Nordish part of the Germanic world. The Third Reich was essentially run by Medish people, which explains why it was so efficient. However, they all suffered from an identity crisis that led them to advance a blond-centered Nordicist ideology. This is why their empire ultimately failed, resulting in so much senseless killing and destruction.

[3]  "Chamberlain finds...'the prevalence of dark color among the members of the most genuine old Germanic nobility. In England this is quite striking.' ... He notes the same in Germany among the old nobility. '...the true type of the primeval Teuton,' have dark or black hair." (Frank H. Hankins, The Racial Basis of Civilization: A Critique of the Nordic Doctrine, 1931)

[4]  A study by Trichopoulou et al. called Adherence to a Mediterranean Diet and Survival in a Greek Population (2003) found that Greeks have lower risks of cancer and heart disease, and greater overall longevity, because of their healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil and fish.

[5]  The word vandalism comes from this particularly savage tribe which did nothing but pilfer, plunder and desecrate areas of high culture.

[6]  We can see this sexual depravity carried into the modern world, with an abundance of pornographic websites featuring blond Nordish women allowing themselves to be gangbanged by groups of Negroes. Do a search for "blacks on blondes" and you'll see just how widespread this phenomenon is. Of course, Medish women would never dream of engaging in such behavior, especially for the whole world to see.

[7]  "The Welsh and Irish Celts have been found to be the genetic blood-brothers of Basques, scientists have revealed. ...  'On the Y-chromosome the Celtic populations turn out to be statistically indistinguishable from the Basques,' Professor [David] Goldstein said." (Genes Link Celts to Basques, BBC News, 2001). Note also that much of what's considered "English" culture actually has its roots among these Celts, such as the Arthurian legend, which is based on ancient Celtic tales appropriated by Nordish Anglo-Saxons.

[8]  A recent article in British Archaeology entitled Roman Britons After 410 confirms the impact of the Roman occupation on the development of British culture: "The 'end of Roman Britain' is a myth. ... The Roman cultural legacy survived far more profoundly, more extensively and for much longer in Britain than is usually realised." The following passage shows how Medish people resisted Nordish bombardment: "And when the crisis really did come, with the advent of the Vikings a couple of hundred years later, awareness of the Roman past was never stronger."

[9]  Note that while the Moorish masses belonged to the Sudish race, the upper-class Moors who developed algebra and medical technology were remnants of an ancient Medish nobility, as can be seen from their depictions in illuminated manuscripts of the 13th century. A similar situation existed among the Turks.

[10]  According to the latest census: "The United Kingdom has one of the fastest growing mixed-race populations in the world, fuelled by the continuing rise of inter-ethnic relationships." (The Changing Face of Britain, BBC News, 2001). And the situation in the United States is the same, if not worse.

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